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The Jersey cow has become the second most popular dairy cow in the world!


With an ever-increasing number of Jerseys being born and bred in the UK it has become apparent that many dairy businesses wish to work with a breed that can perform well in sustainable herds.


Jersey cattle have increased their milk production after years of selective breeding. The average registered Jersey cow in the UK produces 6024 litres of milk per year with a butterfat content of 5.46% and protein of 3.83%, with the best individual animals yielding around 9000 litres or higher.


Jersey milk is unique in many ways. As a product it contains: 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, and 25% more butterfat than ‘average’ milk. It is these components which increases the nutritional value of the milk produced by a Jersey cow compared to many other dairy breeds.


Additionally, with the excellent breed traits of ease of management, feed efficiency, longevity and production, the Jersey cow is a breed fit for a variety of farming systems.

The Jersey Cattle Society of the UK offers Jersey breeders the opportunity to add value to their herd by recording births of new-born Jersey cattle and compile ancestry records for each and every cow that qualifies for a pedigree certificate. This provides Jersey farmers with valuable information to enable them to analyse their herd and improve any particular weakness by selecting sires to change the genetic potential of the next generation of Jersey cattle.


In the current agricultural climate, the strengths of the Jersey cow are increasingly sought after by UK dairy farmers, worldwide breeders and milk processors alike and the breed continues to gain momentum due to its low carbon footprint and efficiency in converting feed to high component milk. Costs within the dairy industry such as fuel, feed, fertiliser, and energy are the major challenges ahead for all farmers in the future and finding avenues to market products following Brexit. The Jersey animal having a lower cost input can benefit and puts them in good stead for major challenges ahead.


On the shelves of supermarkets, local farm shops and farm gates across the UK, the consumer is able to source and consume a wide range of quality Jersey pedigree cattle products, including milk, butter, yoghurts and ice creams. All produced by pedigree cattle bred or owned by members of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK.